De Beers to launch retail-counter diamond verification instrument to support consumer confidence

De Beers Group unveiled its latest diamond verification instrument at the JCK show in Las Vegas, bringing cutting-edge synthetic diamond detection technology to the retail counter for the first time. This device builds consumer confidence by detecting the differences between natural and laboratory-grown diamonds (LGD) with an easy-to-use design.

The device quickly detects loose diamonds and diamonds set in jewelry, with a zero percent “false positive” rate, ensuring it never passes an LGD as a natural diamond. Results are achieved in seconds and the device is priced affordably to retailers, recognizing its crucial role in supporting reputation and sales activities.

Research shows that almost half of consumers are unaware that each LGD can be easily detected. This device therefore represents the latest innovation in De Beers Group’s two-decade leadership in synthetic diamond detection technology, which aims to preserve the integrity of natural diamonds.

Designed for use at the retail counter to facilitate the sales process or in the back office for inventory checks, the device features a high-quality digital display that allows consumers to easily discern the differences between natural diamonds and LGDs in real-time. Additionally, the screen can play promotional or educational videos to support the sales process.

Sandrine Conseiller, CEO of De Beers Brands, highlighted the emotional significance of purchasing a diamond and the importance of ensuring its authenticity. Sarandos Gouvelis, senior vice president of pricing, product development, and technology, highlighted the device’s role in building trust in natural diamonds.

The first batch of devices will be ready for distribution later this year, with after-sales support and service available in the United States. Production will increase further to serve large-scale American jewelry retailers.