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ZBrush for Jewelry Design

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ZBrush course for jewelry design teaches students how to use the ZBrush software to create intricate 3D jewelry designs. Students learn sculpting, texturing, and refining techniques, enabling them to bring their creative jewelry ideas to life in the digital realm. Whether beginners or experienced professionals, students gain the skills to innovate and craft stunning jewelry designs using advanced technology.

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ZBrush Course, ZBrush for Jewellery Design

Duration –  48 Hours

Program Length – 4 weeks

100% Practical Training

Program Description

ZBrush course tailored for jewelry design is a specialized educational program that equips individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to create stunning and intricate 3D jewelry designs using the powerful ZBrush software. This course delves into the unique techniques and tools required to craft jewelry pieces virtually, allowing designers to explore a world of limitless creativity. Aspiring jewelry designers or experienced professionals, learn to sculpt, texture, and refine their designs with precision.

Through this course, students can unlock the potential for innovation in jewelry design, leverage cutting-edge technology, and bring their imaginative concepts to life in the form of exquisite, digitally crafted jewelry.

Who Can Take This Course?​

Jewelry Designers, Aspiring Jewelry Designers, 3D Artists, CAD Professionals, Fashion Designers, Traditional Jewelers, Design Enthusiast.

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    ZBrush for Jewelry Design Course Syllabus

    • Understanding Z-Brush Interface
    • Modeling Tools & Brushes
    • Creating Polymesh 3D
    • Editing, Drawing, and Scaling a Polymesh
    • Understanding Gizmo
    • Converting Model into Dynamesh
    • Creating Ring using Polymesh
    • Creating Floral Patterns
    • Using Alpha Brushes
    • Basic Sculpting – Fish
    • Basic Sculpting – Bird
    • Understanding Human Anatomy
    • Sculpting Human Face
    • Sculpting God/Goddess Models
    • Creating 2.5D Reliefs
    • Decimation of a Polymesh
    • Exporting Polymesh for 3D Printing
    • Using Scalemaster.


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    Outcome of the Course

    1. Proficiency in ZBrush: Students gain a strong command of ZBrush, becoming skilled in using its tools and features specifically tailored to jewelry design.

    2. 3D Modeling Skills: They acquire expertise in 3D modeling, allowing them to create detailed and complex jewelry designs with precision.

    3. Creativity and Innovation: Graduates develop the ability to unleash their creativity, exploring new design possibilities and pushing the boundaries of traditional jewelry design.

    4. Marketability: With specialized skills in digital jewelry design, graduates become more marketable in the jewelry industry, offering a unique and sought-after skill set.

    5. Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Some students may choose to start their own jewelry design businesses, using ZBrush to create custom pieces for clients.

    6. Competitive Edge: They gain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving industry where technology plays an increasingly important role.

    In summary, the outcome of a ZBrush course for jewelry design is the acquisition of advanced digital skills, enhanced creativity, and the ability to design intricate jewelry pieces using cutting-edge technology. 

    Unlocking the Benefits of Learning with Us

    Networking Opportunity with Industry People

    Participate in Various Jewelry Design Competitions

    Attend Guest Lectures by Industry Experts Organised by Us

    You can be a part of National & International Industrial Visits

    You can be present in all Our Exhibitions

    You'll be Trained by Our Expert Faculties

    Upon Successful Course Completion, You'll Receive Your Certificate

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    Student Testimonials

    Aadhyavi (1)
    IIG is an institute which provides solid foundation to people aspiring to make it big in the jewelry industry one day. Filled with dynamic and enthusiastic faculty, it is a friendly environment which has helped me learn from some of the best in the industry, making it an amazing experience overall.
    Masters In Gemology
    IIG South Feedback
    Great institute, they teach you everything thoroughly. All doubts are cleared immediately. All the faculties are so knowledgeable about the course. I searched for a Jewellery designing course in Bangalore for months after visiting all the colleges I’m glad I selected IIG.
    Bhumika Tak
    Masters In Jewellery Design
    Yukari Sano (1)
    IIG has experienced faculties, good equipment, clean facilities, and a lot of gemstones. The faculties are very enthusiastic and their classes are very interesting. I attended classes every day for 5 months, but it was over in a blink of an eye. Many kinds of gem stones helped me to understand the characters.
    Yukari Sano
    Gemology Graduate
    Kashish Jain (1)
    I learned a lot from this institution, they have very experienced and skilled faculties who will guide you throughout the course. The goals of the course are clear and achieved till an extent which helps you grow professionally. They provide wide range of stones for the students to practice and learn.
    Kashih Jain
    Masters In Gems & Jewellery

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