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Gemology Graduate

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The Gemology Graduate program is designed to meet the demands of a growing segment of the Jewellery industry, with a deeper understanding of precious gemstones you’ll gain practical knowledge effectively. After the completion of this course, you’ll be ready for employment or you can start the business on your own.

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Gemology Graduate

Duration – 120 Hours

Program Length – 8 weeks

100% Practical Training

Who Can Take This Course?​

Gem Enthusiasts, Astrologer, Youth seeking future in Gem Trade, Amateur Gem Collector, Gemstone Dealer, Gem Connoisseurs, Jewellery Manufacturer, Colorstone Buyer, Merchandiser, Pawn-broker, Jewellery Retailer, Jewellery Merchandiser.

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    Gemology Course Syllabus

    • Brief Introduction to Gemstones
    • Classification of Gemstones
    • History of Gemstones, mining & its formation
    • Physical & optical, properties & chemical characteristics
    • Characteristic properties and inclusions of precious gemstones
    • On-sight identification method of gemstones
    • General testing process used in day trade
    • Use of Gemological equipment and efficient tools to identify the precious stones
    • Operating microscope, dichroscope, polariscope, refractometer & other gemological equipment
    • Recognize how quality, rarity, origin and color affect the gem value
    • Identification of treatments & techniques of Gemstones
    • Simulants or look similar counterparts
    • Colorstones Classification – natural & synthetics
    • Identification of simulants, synthetics, doublets & triplets
    • Project work & Certification
    • Use of technical knowledge for effective sales and excellent service
    • Study in brief on the different origins and the world markets for gemstones.


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    Unlocking the Benefits of Learning with Us

    Networking Opportunity with Industry People

    Participate in Various Jewelry Design Competitions

    Attend Guest Lectures by Industry Experts Organised by Us

    You can be a part of National & International Industrial Visits

    You can be present in all Our Exhibitions

    You'll be Trained by Our Expert Faculties

    Upon Successful Course Completion, You'll Receive Your Certificate

    We Empower Your Career with Job Assistance Support

    Stay Lifelong Connected with Our Exclusive Alumni Network

    Student Testimonials

    Aadhyavi (1)
    IIG is an institute which provides solid foundation to people aspiring to make it big in the jewelry industry one day. Filled with dynamic and enthusiastic faculty, it is a friendly environment which has helped me learn from some of the best in the industry, making it an amazing experience overall.
    Masters In Gemology
    IIG South Feedback
    Great institute, they teach you everything thoroughly. All doubts are cleared immediately. All the faculties are so knowledgeable about the course. I searched for a Jewellery designing course in Bangalore for months after visiting all the colleges I’m glad I selected IIG.
    Bhumika Tak
    Masters In Jewellery Design
    Yukari Sano (1)
    IIG has experienced faculties, good equipment, clean facilities, and a lot of gemstones. The faculties are very enthusiastic and their classes are very interesting. I attended classes every day for 5 months, but it was over in a blink of an eye. Many kinds of gem stones helped me to understand the characters.
    Yukari Sano
    Gemology Graduate
    Kashish Jain (1)
    I learned a lot from this institution, they have very experienced and skilled faculties who will guide you throughout the course. The goals of the course are clear and achieved till an extent which helps you grow professionally. They provide wide range of stones for the students to practice and learn.
    Kashih Jain
    Masters In Gems & Jewellery

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